Aspen Lake comprises of the main Carp & Course Fish Lake & a newly formed & stocked 10 swim Match Lake.

Aspen Lake is a Syndicate Fishery, anyone wishing to join the syndicate (if accepted) will be asked to pay £410 for 12 months membership. The syndicate membership can be paid for at any time of the year, providing there are places available & membership will run for 12 months from the date you pay. There are no day ticket options except for on the match lake the charge for which is just £6.00 per day for one rod or £10.00 per day for two rods. 


The main lake was stocked in the winter of 2005/2006 with 100 Mirror Carp at 4lb to 6lb these are now being caught up to 45lb 2oz, we also stocked two hundred 6 to 8 inch Tench plus twenty 5lb Tench from Horseshoe Lake at Lechlade, the Tench record on the lake now stands at 10lb 7oz, other fish stocked were: two hundred Crucian Carp now up to 3lb 6oz, two hundred Bream now up to 14lb 7oz, & thirty Chub. 

Although there are no inlets into the lake we feel nature has helped with the stocking as well & we now have other species including: Roach to 2lb 8oz, Rudd to 2lb, Perch to 3lb 5oz, Pike to 12lb & possibly a lot bigger & even more incredible Common Carp to 33lb 3oz.

The first photo below is of the main lake holding the much larger fish including Mirror Carp, a few Common Carp, Tench & Bream.

There are 32 swims on the main lakes, no day tickets will be issued.

The second photo is of the 10 swim Match Lake which has recently been shallowed to a depth of 6ft & stocked with 650 mixed Rudd & Roach, 350 Crucian Carp & 400 Bream there is also an abundance of small Tench + large Tench to 7lb & Perch, as no fish were removed while the shallowing of the lake was being carried out there could be a few other surprises in there as well.

As you can see there are ropes across the Match Lake, these are an attempt to deter Cormorants,  this has worked extremely well through last winter & no cormorants have been seen on the lake, there are no nets hanging below these ropes & we have found the ropes have no adverse effect on the fishing. 

The 10 swims on the Match Lake can be booked for the day £60.00 just call us on 07388411472 or 01285 861530

Alternatively you are welcome to fish it on you own or with a smaller group for: £6.00 per angler with one rod per day or £10.00 per day with 2 rods.


The main lake syndicate is fully subscribed, to join the waiting list please go to the top of this page, click on "waiting list form" fill out the form & click submit, we will contact you by email with our bank details for your BACS payment, please check your email inbox.

There is a charge of £50 to go on the waiting list, this payment is non refundable in any circumstances.

(Please note, this is waiting list fee not a deposit).

The only swims in the fishery that can be pre-booked are on the match lake (if you are booking the whole lake), you cannot pre-book swims on the carp lakes.

All Fishery Rules are on the notice board inside the gate.

Please also read the Coronavirus distancing rules.

Payment either by BACS or cash, If using BACS we will send bank details once we receive the waiting list application form, We ask for an "Emergency Contact Number" on the form, this is in case you become ill or have an accident on the lake so please don't enter your own mobile number, if you do your form will not be accepted. 

                                                Covid Rule

No angler shall go anywhere near the fishery owners, bailiffs, any other angler or any occupied swim.

Anyone breaking these rules will be asked to leave the fishery & forfeit their fees. If you are new to the fishery of have any questions please phone or text.

Bob on 07388411472 or Mary on 07703744568



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